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Bredy Veterinary Centre

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Bredy Vets use NMR’s Interherd Plus software to help make the most of clients’ milk recording data. If you would like help making more use of your milk recordings, please contact Mimi Cook on 01308 456 771 or on FAO Mimi.

Parasite Forecast - January 2018

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NADIS publishes a monthly Parasite Forecast for farmers and livestock keepers, based on detailed Met Office data. The Parasite Forecast outlines the parasitic challenge facing cattle and sheep in the different UK regions.This month’s webinar focuses on Parasite Control – Planning Ahead, Liver Fluke Risk, Chronic Fluke Disease in Sheep and Cattle and Lice in sheep and cattle

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Disease Alert - January 2018

Milk fever is a common and expensive problem on some dairy farms, but it should be easily controlled. As lambing time approaches, it’s also a good time to get organised and review standard operating procedures with seasonal staff. In this month’s webinar, James Aitken of Orchard Vets talks about prevention and management of these important conditions.