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These videos and associated multiple choice questions should be very valuable for SQPs, and earn 3 CPD points each. Please note that although described as webinars, they do NOT count towards seminar points obligations, but are recorded as quiz points (since they are not presented live).


Parasite Forecast:
The NADIS Blowfly Alert
Sheep: Parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE) and Haemonchosis
Cattle: Parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE) and
Lungworm vaccination

Ewe nutrition pre tupping to early pregnancy
Feeding the beef cow for bulling and early pregnancy
Preventing lungworm in cattle
Biosecurity for the dairy herd
The new born calf achieving the best start
Preventing Grass Staggers in cattle
Feeding the beef cow pre and post calving Pre and post lambing nutrition
Neonatal nutrition and new born lamb care

June 2019 - Parasite Forecast